BUTTON-Letters-To-Editor_stockDear Editor,

I serve on the board of the Thorn Volunteer Fire Department, and I know how important a fire department is to the community. However, when my family was on the receiving end of your service, I was overwhelmed at how thrilled I was to see you driving up, and how I felt everything would be okay once you arrived.Yes, it was “only” our shop that was on fire and not our home…but, that shop was important to us, and we were so thankful you were there to help!

The experience made me acutely aware of how blessed we are to have a group of volunteers in our community who come running when the call goes out. Thank you, that you, for being ready when we needed your help! We are so appreciative to not only the Thorn Volunteer Fire Department, but also to Houston, Rhodes Chapel and Woodland firefighters. THANK YOU for your dedication and professionalism. You reponded quickly and had the fire under control in record time. We are blessed to have a group of family and neighbors who are ready to help when disaster strikes.

I especially want to thank Daniel Black and Devon Baker for jumping in and helping us move Keith’s equipment out of the shop. Also, THANK YOU! Melissa Moore for having prayer with me and calming my nerves when you heard what had happened. And finally, thank you, Will for putting your training into action, calling 911 as soon as you saw the smoke, and dressing out ready to grab the fire hose as soon as the truck arrived. I know your quick response made a big difference in getting the fire under control. You made Mama and Daddy proud!

Thank you all for your dedication! You are my heroes!!!

Renee Davis
1794 CR 405,Houston

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