Houston Business Group unveils name

LOGO-CDF-Mississippi HOUSTON – They have chosen the name Houston Business Group and now seek to draw people to the organization and get to work.

Those gathered at the Civic Center Tuesday night also voted to set regular meeting dates and expressed an interest to plan several events for the spring

“We wanted a name that reflected our goals and our mission,” said Gail Baird, HBG chairman. “We wanted to be more than a merchant or business association and wanted to be open to all.”

The Houston Business Group will meet the third Tuesday of each month at the Civic Center. They will have a business meeting and bring in speakers to discuss topics relevant to hometown businesses.

“I think we have a lot that we want to do and I suggest we meet once a month,” said Baird. “Once we get things going, we can cut back.”

In addition to the name, the group voted to add the tagline “supporting local businesses.”

The group of five business men and women at last week’s meeting talked about capitalizing on existing events that go on in Houston and adding events as needed to draw people to town and specifically downtown.

It was also suggested the Mississippi Department of Transportation be approached about erecting a sign on the Highway 15 Bypass pointing to downtown and local restaurants, lodging and shopping.

“We do feel there is so much we need to do and with spring weather on the way, now is the time to get active,” said Baird. “This is the group to get some things started.”

Chickasaw Development Foundation Board Chairman John Walden said the Houston Business Group wants to benefit all businesses in the community.

“We want you to tell us what you want and what we can do for you,” said Walden. “Our goal is to help existing businesses and attract new businesses to town.”

The Chickasaw Development Foundation hosted a meeting at City Hall Jan. 14 to seek support for a merchants/professional services association. That meeting saw 20 people attend.

“Everyone needs to get interested,” said Walden. “We all have the same goals and that is making Houston grow.”

Tuesday’s meeting also saw Stephanie Hall, of Mississippi Radio Group, make a presentation promoting a new partnership with CDF for local businesses.

HBG is seeking to host training and seminars on business related subjects such as customer service, human resources, internet marketing and taxes.

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