HHS to explain graduation changes to parents

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HOUSTON – A student with a thought-out plan is a student destined to do great things.

Houston High School will host a meeting for students and parents March 31 and will discuss curriculum changes and graduation options for high school students.

“We have never done this before and we have a lot of big changes that go into effect next fall,” said Houston High School Principal Buz Boyer. “The program will last less than an hour and we will be around as long as needed to answer questions of students or parents.”

Boyer said the district’s change to Common Core guidelines will see the high school offer a number of different classes and implement new graduation requirements. He also said the meeting will discuss various graduation options for high schoolers.

“Common Core will see new requirements for mathematics and both students and parents need to be aware of these changes,” said Boyer. “There are a number of other changes and we are taking this opportunity to explain them and answer questions.”

Boyer said part of the program will be an explanation of graduation options.

“We have a regular diploma path and a career pathway option,” said Boyer. “The career pathway option is designed more around taking the vocational classes necessary for taking a skill into the workplace.

“We will also discuss the requirements for those wanting to go to college,” said Boyer. “There are different requirements for students planning on going to a state junior college and those going to a full, four-year university.”

Students wanting to go to college are often required to take advanced high school classes that can quickly fill up a junior or senior year.

Boyer said the goal is for students not to get to their junior or senior year and realize the classes they are taking won’t get them into the college, university or job they are seeking.

“I’m not sure it is fair to ask teenagers to make these big decisions all alone,” said Boyer. “We are urging parents to come to this meeting and get informed. They can then help their son or daughter make the decisions that suit them best.”

Boyer said students will be handed material explaining the finer points of information to be discussed on Thursday and parents should ask to see it.

“The days of graduating and taking your diploma to a college and getting in are over,” said Boyer. “There are so many education options out there now days that parents don’t know about. We want to explain that to students and parents.”

The March 31 meeting will be held in the High School auditorium at 6 p.m.

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