Vandalism in your park


Vandalism is a part of doing business with the world.

It is sad to say there are people who get a certain amount or pleasure or entertainment out of tearing up public property.

We find that a sad way to live life. We also understand it is a crime.

A news article in last weeks Chickasaw Journal about vandalism of public property has prompted many in our community to shake their head and say, “somebody needs to do something about that!”

We think that somebody is you.

The City of Houston has repeatedly replaced ceramic toilets broken by vandals at Joe Brigance Park. They have now put locks on bathroom doors – an action that will inconvenience many and create another nasty problem at the park.

Parks and Recreation Director John Gravat said the frequency of these acts of destruction has increased. Gravat also pointed out Kids Park was financed and constructed by people in this community with a dream of creating a wonderful, safe and clean place to carry young children.

Town Marshal Billy Voyles said police routinely patrol the park and frequently tell folks to move along. Voyles said police have arrested those found to be breaking the law.

As we said earlier, now it is our turn.

We urge motorist to look into our park when they drive by and note the cars and occupants. If they see something suspicious, please call 911 and leave an anonymous tip.

We urge those good people who jog, walk and exercise in the park to also keep their eyes open when they are in the park. We want to point out Joe Brigance Park is not unsafe, but it is suffering from vandalism. Please call 911 if you spot trouble.

We would like to point out there is a story in this week’s newspaper stating Houston has a weeknight curfew of 11 p.m. And a weekend curfew of midnight. Kids caught breaking curfew need to be reported.

Last but not least, we want to urge Chickasaw County judges to come down hard on anyone convicted of committing any kind of crime in our parks.

A lot can be said about a town by how nice their parks are. People who care about community property also care about economic development, their schools and their neighborhoods.

Let’s be the eye and ears of our town and work together to stop vandalism in your park.


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