Holy Week in Houston

PX N EASTER draped-crossHOUSTON – Lenten lunches wrap up with Good Friday services and a meal at Houston First United Methodist Church Family life center at noon.

“If you can’t get excited about being a Christian during Holy Week, you need to get in church this week,” said Rev. Rex Wilburn, pastor of Houston First United Methodist Church. “This has been a great series of services and fellowship for the church in Houston. We are urging people to come out Friday and worship as a community and then be in your home church on Easter Sunday.”

Wilburn said he is relatively new to Houston but has been told this year’s Lenten Lunches have seen record crowds.

“This is a good community with good people who love the Lord,” said Wilburn. “This is also a community filled with a lot of people looking to fill a hole in their heart.

“That is what Easter is all about,” Wilburn explained. “This is Holy Week and everything about it points to the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Those who accept Him and live for him know his resurrection is true and they have a joy in their heart that He will one day carry them home to live with Him in heaven.

“Like I said, if we can’t get excited about eternal life we’ve missed the message of Easter,” he added. “Sadly, as we look around this world, we realize many have missed the message.”

Lenten Lunches have been a series of 12 meals and messages leading up to Easter

While First Methodist hosts the event, guest churches are called on each week to provide music, a meal and a minister to provide a quick message.

Wilburn said watching Houston denominations gather for Lenten services as the true church has been one of the joys of this year’s event.

Unlike Wednesday Lenten Luncheons, Good Friday Services begin with the message and will be followed by the meal. Dress is casual and it’s Ok to be a little late. Wilburn urged business people to invite their co-workers to Friday’s service.

There is no charge for the meal but there is an offering basket and all donations are used by the Greater Houston Ministerial Alliance to help the needy throughout the year.

This season’s Lenten lunch dates, ministers and guest churches were:

• March 12, Bro. Steve Lampkin, South Charge United Methodist Churches

• March 19, Bro. Joe Coggins, North Charge United Methodist Churches.

• March 26, Dr. Daniel Heeringa, Houston First Baptist Church.

• April 2, Bro. Randy Hays, Cornerstone Church.

• April 9, Sr. Pat Hinton, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church.

• April 16, Dr. Randy Rinehart, Parkway Baptist Church.

• April 18, Good Friday, Bro. Rex Wilburn, Houston First United Methodist Church.

For more information please call Houston First United Methodist Church at 456-2203 or stop by the church office at 230 North Jackson Street.

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