Demanding help for the helpless

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERBabies are not abandoned in Houston every day. And this community is thankful for that.

So the discovery of a baby boy left in a shed in Houston recently not only shocked this community but left many wondering why. When the community found out the same woman responsible for this alleged abandonment had abandoned a baby at the Salvation Army in 2011, the demands for answers got louder.

In a country that offers so much in the way of social services to expectant mothers, new mothers and families in general, how could something like this happen?

In a community that prides itself in taking care of others, how could the parents of that child not obtain the support and understanding of social workers to the fact they needed help?

We would also like to make some assumptions.

This parent had already abandoned a baby and we think the state bears some responsibility in this case. The mother should have been the radar screen of every social worker in this county. Why wasn’t the state watching?

We hope regional and federal administrators will call someone on the carpet about this case.

And we hope local social workers will not give us the same old song and dance about not enough funding, lack of personnel and β€œit just slipped through the cracks.”

Hardworking folk in this community stepped up on April 15 and paid taxes for federal, state and local services. At the rate we are being taxes, we demand better care of our citizens for our tax dollars.

And last but not least, this baby – and the one previously – deserved better care.

Yes, abandoning that baby was wrong and will not be tolerated. We now hope the court will do its job with a firmness and humility that also comes from being a cog in the state’s duty to its citizens.

But what this community doesn’t want is another baby left on another door step or worse in a shallow grave.

Houston, let’s demand better services for those helpless people in our community who look to the state for protection. It should be in all our hearts to find a way to help those who need it most.

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