Houston hosts a who?

The Toppers know they have the number two spot in division 4-4A.
They know they will host Game One of their first playoff series Thursday.
The only question is – against who?
“We won’t know we we’ve got until Tuesday night with division 2-4A is complete,” said coach Scott Gann.
The 2-4A battle for positions is still underway for Ripley, New Albany and Lafayette County, but Gann says the competition is pretty even.
“Those are all capable of being a number-one seed, for sure,” Gann said.
The Toppers were tied for first place going into last week and hoped to secure the number-one spot by winning over West Lauderdale. In their April 17 game, the Toppers broke the game open in the sixth with three runs, but the Knights retaliated with four in the bottom of the inning and held the lead for the win.
Friday’s game saw the Toppers take an 8-0 loss to the Knights.
“Thursday was just a complete and total draining game,” Gann said. “Physically, emotionally and any other term you would like to use. Austin Burdine pitched a one-hitter and our offense put up three runs in the top of the sixth to go up 3-0 off their ace who has signed with Ole Miss and throws consistently 88 mph and touched 92-93 a few times the other night and we still got beat.”
With both games behind them the Toppers will now begin traveling the playoff road with the goal of State on the horizon. In the best-of-three format, Friday’s game will put the Houston boys on the road and if a Saturday game is needed, it will be played at home.
“We are the number-two seed and play in a three-game series this week, so that is now our focus,” Gann said.
The Toppers have been here before, making runs past division for the last two years and know the work that lies ahead.
“We are just taking it one game and one series at a time,” Gann said.web base hst1 web base hst2