EDITORIAL: Economic Fun

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERDo you like making a dollar?

That’s a question every American can truthfully answer without one bit of guilt or shame. This country and this community was founded by capitalist who spotted an opportunity, put the wheels in motion and carried the proceeds from their labor to the bank.

That opportunity come to Houston this weekend with Annual Houston Flywheel Festival.

This town saw more than 4,000 people show up at Joe Brigance Park last spring. That is the entire population of this Houston in one location on one day.

These were people who came to town to get a bite to eat, pick up an art or craft and look through a trailer of junk. We have to believe that many bought gasoline, shopped at local grocery stores, popped in our clothing stores and picked up a bite to eat at local restaurants. On a grander scheme, they may have seen a car they want to buy or a house they would love to call home.

The easiest dollar to pull from anyone’s pocket is one called a leisure dollar. It’s usually cash and it is usually spent before the sun goes down.

The Flywheel Festival will bring thousands of those dollars to Houston this weekend.

Many have learned to capitalize on the Flywheel Festival. Churches will be selling hamburgers and barbecue. Charities and social clubs will be selling water, snowcones and hotdogs. And two booster clubs and a group fighting breast cancer will raise money to finance their causes throughout the year.

Our motels will be full Friday and Saturday night. We hope our churches will be full Sunday.

One of Houston’s major retail stores has quietly told the Chickasaw Development Foundation their biggest spring sales day is the weekend of Flywheel.

So round up the kids and bring the family to the 33rd Annual Mississippi Valley Flywheel Association Spring Flywheel Festival. Buy a snowcone, purchase a trinket and then stop and shop in a local store.

Money may not make the world go round, but it sure greases the wheels. Houston is lucky some of those wheels are flywheels.

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