MUG-Billy-McCord-CMYKI hope you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather on Easter Sunday. I went by the Bruce Square and watched while the egg hunt was in progress. My problem with an egg hunt was that I never could find any eggs. From the streets next to the square I could see some eggs on the ground. That would have been my kind of egg hunt.
Most of the time the cousins and I would get together for an egg hunt. There were two things that we had plenty of and those were eggs and places to hunt the eggs. We lived in areas surrounded by woods so there always was a good place to hide an egg. I am more than surprised that someone did not stick their hand under a log and pull out a snake.
Listen up, anyone who ever attended school at Sarepta. It is now time for our annual reunion. So get your chicken fried or the sardines all dressed up and bring them with you April 26th to the Sarepta Baptist Church the site of our reunion.
The program will get under way at 10:30 a.m. I am not sure about the program but I have heard by the grapevine that an award would be given to the youngest looking person there. I am prepared to accept the award. If you might want to compete, you must be present. See you in Sarepta.
I received a message from a man who lives out of state but he told me I had been his principal when he was about in the seventh grade. I knew he was talking about Southaven Elementary School since that was my first job as principal of a school. Southaven Elementary was grades 1-8. We did not have kindergarten at that time.
This man said that he and some “hoodlums” were swinging on a wire hanging from a pole just outside the school. I could not believe that he said they were paddled by the principal for such a minor offense. He must have been old and mean at that time! This man said he appreciated my patience with them. It sure is good to hear from former students and especially when they have had a good experience in the school.
I enjoyed my stay at the elementary school, however I just dreaded going into the section of the building inhabited by grades l, 2, and 3. I was not trained to be an elementary principal but the little guys and girls were on my campus. I was busy in the upper grades trying to get football organized. It is difficult to understand but Southaven had never had a football program. I hired some folks who were good teachers as well as who wanted to coach football. Because of lack of staff, I went on the practice field and helped with the coaching.
Prior to the schools in Southaven, the students went to Horn Lake schools where I began my career in DeSoto County. Our first football game was with Horn Lake. You can imagine how badly Southaven wanted to beat Horn Lake and we practiced hard to do so. We had an eighth grader who was fast and was eager to play. I told the team to get the ball to this boy and they did. Immediately he looked at the goal post and away he went. He was so excited that he made a touchdown for Horn Lake. And to make matters worse, he acted just like the pros and threw the ball over his shoulders. We left the game when it was over as quietly as possible.
Yes, we did work with the boy on goal identification.

Billy McCord is retired from DeSoto County Schools as an administrator He is Pastor of Shady Grove UM Church in Calhoun County. McCord represents District 3 on the School Board and is presently serving as President of the Calhoun County School Board. Contact him:


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