EDITORIAL: Time to plant

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERA quick look around will tell anyone this is the season to plant.

We’ve had our cold weather, the Sun shines a little longer and stronger and the green is beginning to show. Even city folk can look around and see it is Spring and that means it is the time to plant.

The same holds true for economic development.

We’ve had our share of a cold job market, the warmth of a reviving industrial base is shining a little longer and the “green” of local payrolls and a growing economy are beginning to show.

We were pleased to hear Pontotoc-Union-Chickasaw County Regional Developer Josh West tell those gathered at the Chickasaw Development Foundation annual banquet the industrial mega-site in eastern Chickasaw County is being promoted at a major industrial park around the world. We were also pleased to hear him say Houston is poised to see some good things happen.

But farmers will tell you planting is hard work. There is soil to be tilled, seed to be set and weeds to be fought.

Again, economic development is no different.

Houston needs to get busy preparing property for their next factory. We need to develop partnerships with every town along Highway 15 and Highway 8 and demand funds from Jackson and Washington to help us prepare our community for new businesses and industry.

Our town and county need to regularly sit with existing industry executives and cultivate those relationships so those companies gladly call on city and county government for help.

And we all need to look for those “weeds” and the greed that can kill any industrial development project.

Houston, Okolona and Houlka have good people who know how to form partnerships, provide community support, plan, prepare and promote.

It’s time to plant!

We will all benefit when the harvest time comes.

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