Saturday is super!

web super1web super2web super3web super4Over 400 children and youth hit the diamonds in Houston, accompanied by parents, grandparents and other fans, as the City Youth Baseball and Softball season got underway.
“We had 48 games total this Saturday and around 415 kids,” said Houston Park and Recreation Director John Gravat. “I thought everything went great.”
The day began about 9 a.m. with games staggered on all four fields and the last game of teenage boys wrapped up around 9 p.m. Gravat said he had plenty of help in umpires and concession stand workers for the event and going into the season, but has special events planned that will need volunteers.
“If anyone needs anything to do this upcoming weekend, we’re having a 10-under girl’s travel tournament,” Gravat said. “It’s just a Saturday tournament. We have some good teams coming in and it should be a great one.”
For more information on the tournament, contact Gravat at 542-9139.