June party primaries one month away

news-politics-election-stockCHICKASAW COUNTY – The Democratic and Republican parties are offering up their slates of candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives and Mississippi will test its new voter ID law in just under 30 days.

Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, June 3, pick a party and cast their ballot for the candidates of their choice. The Party Primary elections will require voters to declare a party and vote the ballot presented by the party.

In Chickasaw County, voters from both parties will vote at the same location, but obtain their ballot from separate tables.

Races that do not see a single candidate win by 50 percent plus one vote will meet in party primary runoff elections on June 24. Candidates who claim their party’s election head to the General Election set for Tuesday, Nov. 4.

New this election cycle will be the implementation of Mississippi’s voter identification law.

This means voters without acceptable identification must vote on a provisional ballot and also take additional steps after Election Day for it to be counted.

Voters can also present a Mississippi Voter Registration Card.

Chickasaw County elections officials have stressed it is never the intention of a poll worker to stop anyone from voting. Poll works are bound by law to make sure all questions and identification issues are answered before they allow a person to vote.

Those without ID may cast an affidavit ballot which will be counted if the voter returns to the appropriate clerk’s office within five business days after the election and shows government-issued ID. Voters who fail to show proper identification will not have their ballots counted.

Voters with a religious objection to being photographed may also vote affidavit, after which the voter returns to the clerk’s office and signs another affidavit that the religious exemption applies to them.

Showing a photo ID is also mandatory starting this year for absentee voting in clerks’ offices statewide. Mississippi’s law, unlike several other states, accepts expired photo IDs at the polls as long as it’s not more than 10 years old.

Obtaining a voter ID does not cost anything.

Anyone with questions about whether they needed a voter ID or not, can call the Chickasaw County Circuit Clerk’s office at 456-2331, 447-2838 or stop by the Circuit Clerk’s office at the Courthouse in Houston or Okolona.

Questions or concerns about voting issues, policy and procedure for any election should be directed to the Secretary of State’s office at (601) 359-1350.

Questions or concerns about candidate qualifications, ethics and conduct while in office should be directed to the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Division at (601) 359-4258.




In Chickasaw County the following candidates are:



U.S. Senate

  • Thomas L. Carey
  • Thad Cochran
  • Chris McDaniel



U.S. Senate

  • Travis W. Childers
  • William Bond Compton, Jr.
  • Bill Marcy
  • Jonathan Rawl

U.S. Houston of Representatives

  • Ron E. Dickey
  • Rex N. Weathers

As with all elections there will be place on each ballot for a write-in candidate.


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