Houston man arrested for car burglary

news-crime-arrest-stockHOUSTON – A local man has been arrested for car burglary after an alert resident allegedly spotted him looking into vehicles in the middle of the night and called police.

“When our officer arrived on the scene they spotted the suspect and when they went to apprehend him, he ran,” said Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles. “Our officer knew who he was and went to his house a little later and arrested him without incident.”

Terrance Brownlee, of Houston, was arrested by Houston Police on one count of auto burglary Tuesday morning and is currently in the Chickasaw County Jail on $20,000 bond.

“We have had a number of auto burglaries where someone was going in unlocked cars and stealing things,” said Voyles. “In some of those cases people had left money in the car and reported it stolen.”

Voyles said Brownlee was arrested in connection to the 2 a.m. auto burglary on Fourth Avenue but the rash of auto burglaries were happening all around Houston.

“We want to urge people to lock their cars and to never leave anything of value in them overnight,” said Voyles. “If you leave your car unlocked and something of value in plain sight, you are asking to get it stolen.”

Voyles said Brownlee is charged with only one crime at this time, but the investigation is continuing.

“I want to thank the community for calling us the minute they saw something suspicious,” said Voyles. “If they see anyone else suspicious out late at night or know more about these break-ins we are asking them to call police.

“I also want to thank our officers for responding quickly and then making the arrest,” said Voyles. “We hope this stops the auto burglaries we have been having around here.”

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