Man arrested for indecent exposure in Houston

Crime and Law EnforcementHOUSTON – A man walking naked in Houston was arrested for indecent exposure and resisting arrest Monday morning May 12, and was placed in the Chickasaw County Jail.
“He didn’t have anything on, not even socks,” said Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles. “He is a student at Ole Miss and we have reason to believe he was taking a drug to help him stay awake so he could study.”
Voyles would not release the name of the 19-year-old Houston man who was stopped by police on Jefferson Street about 10 a.m. and who told officers he would not be arrested.
Voyles said the man was tasered and subdued by officers who handcuffed him and carried him to jail for observation.
Police were initially called by a motorist on Okolona Cutoff who reported a nude man walking down the road. Houston Patrolman Dustin Dendy was responding when he spotted the man on Jefferson Street.
“I stopped him and tried to figure out what was going on,” said Dendy. “It was obvious that something was not right and he was taken into custody after he resisted arrest on the indecent exposure charge.”
A similar incident was reported in West Point last week when a nude man was found laying on a city street talking to the sky. In that incident “spice” or synthetic marijuana laced with some other drug was believed to have prompted that behavior.
Voyles said anyone aware of any kind of illegal drug activity in the community is urged to call him at 456-5065.

Beware of storm scammers

With the storms come the construction and home repair scammers.
Tupelo has seen one contractor questioned and asked to leave after he asked for a $1,500 down payment before doing any work, and when they leave they often pass through other counties looking for people to scam.
Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said the best way to avoid a scam is to ask for references from anyone offering to make repairs on damaged property, compare multiple contractors and make sure they are each properly licensed and bonded.
Hood also suggested using local contractors who live in the community. He said anyone who can’t provide references should be viewed with caution.
“Many contractors follow storms from town to town to repair damage caused by the storms and while they may be legitimate companies, chances are non-local companies will not be around to take responsibility for those repairs if something happens to them later,” said Hood.
He also warned homeowners to ask contractors to provide proof of adequate insurance covering workman’s compensation as well as property and personal liability so they aren’t left footing the bill after a costly accident or mistake.

40 arrested in New Albany drug sweep

NEW ALBANY – Nearly 40 local residents received an abrupt wake-up call Tuesday as a drug task force led by New Albany police made a series of surprise arrests starting about 4:30 a.m.
Chief Chris Robertson said the sweep, dubbed “Operation Fish Net,” was the culmination of eight months’ investigation. The result was 48 individuals’ being indicted by the Union County grand jury April 15 and 16.
Robertson said the indictments were all for sale of narcotics.
“It ranges from prescription drugs to coke to meth to marijuana,” the chief said. “Most of the defendants will face multiple counts for sale of Schedule I, II and II narcotics.”
Approximately 40 of those indicted had Union County addresses listed while 10 live in other counties.
The operation began about 4 a.m. with approximately 70 officers from the New Albany Police Department, Union County Sheriff’s Department, U. S. Marshals’ office, Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol, Mississippi Department of Corrections, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Alcoholic Beverage Control and District Attorney’s office participating.
Robertson expressed thanks to all the agencies involved in the sweep.

The names of those arrested can be found in a story also posted on this website.

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