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Dear Editor,


In the aftermath of the terrible damage just down the road in Louisville, I want to say ‘Thank You’ to so many Houston folks with big hearts.

Some of the officials and employees of Chickasaw County wanted to do something for the folks down there who have experienced so much loss and heartache, so we began to gather up what we could for them.

I visited with a good many individuals and businesses around town to let them know we were going to send some supplies and I really couldn’t believe the spirit of generosity and concern I discovered!

These individuals and businesses responded quickly with donations of recovery supplies – in fact we wound up sending two trucks! The folks in Louisville were very grateful for the much-needed supplies and certainly made us glad we had done a little to help.

Please don’t forget them, as their needs aren’t going away anytime soon.

But the purpose of this letter is to let the donors know – and they’re just too many to try to name – how proud I am of you and your concern for your neighbors in Winston County.

You made me glad to say I’m from Houston and Chickasaw County!


Doug Winter

Houston, Miss.


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