REV. DARRICK WHITFIELD: Graduation worth waiting for

C8JG__EDIT_WHITFIELD_Bible_open_pages“To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you.” 

1 Peter 1:4

One thing that I have noticed is that sometimes when you purchase an item it looks all good from the outside. But sometimes when you open up the box, when you open up the package, sometimes it’s not all there. Sometimes it’s been serverely damaged and sometimes it doesn’t meet your expectations.
As believers, we have a great inheritance coming from God. As we are approaching graduation season, you may have some relatives that will give you a generous offering, a generous reward, but it will not compare to this inheritance that Peter talks about in our passage today. This inheritance that I’m speaking about is stable, secure, firm, unmoveable and will last forever.
The text says this inheritance is “Incorruptible.” This word is translated from a Greek word that means it will not perish. It is eternal. Rust and decay and depression or inflation will not diminish it. This inheritance will never decrease in value because of the uncertainty of the times. The believer will receive this inheritance in its fullest value.
This inheritance will always be worth great value. Nothing can decrease its value. As soon as a person drives a vehicle off of the lot, the vehicle immediately starts going down in value. But not with God’s gift, even if God makes you wait on a door to be opened five years later, guess what, when you finally walk in, now your name is on the desk, now you have folks under you, instead of being over you.
This inheritance will not corrupt. So many folks have been ruined as a result of receiving a large inheritance from some relative. So often when folks come into money through a large inheritance, they soon pursue a sinful path. But this inheritance has nothing in it that will defile in any way.
The glory of this inheritance will never fade. This inheritance will never disappoint. You will never lose your joys in this inheritance. It is permanent pleasure. The world has nothing like it. Everything the world offers in terms of pleasure soon leads to disappointment. The world simply does not satisfy. It’s glory soon fades. It’s pleasures soon turn sour. But the inheritance of the Lord will be delightful from the day you receive it to all eternity.
Lastly this inheritance is “Reserved in heaven for you.” The word “reserved” means to be guarded, to be protected. Your inheritance cannot be stolen, it cannot disappear through the mismanagement of some trust fund or through some bank or loan company or corporation failure or even government failure. This inheritance will never be lost. It is guarded in heaven for you. That is the best security one can ever have. No one has ever staged a robbery in heaven. No one has ever gotten by heaven’s guards to any inheritance.
Let me sum it up by saying, “What God has for you, it is for you”. I don’t care how many others want it, I don’t care how they think they ought to have it. God has a blessing with your name on it.
To all of our fellow 2014 graduates, always remember to put God first in your life no matter where you go from here. Continue to be obedient to His will and watch how God keeps on blessing you over and over again.

Rev. Darrick Whitfield is pastor of Shady Grove M.B. Church, McCondy. His column appears regularly in the Chickasaw Journal.

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