EDITORIAL: Summer is a time to grow

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERIt’s summer and it’s time for things to grow.

We think that also applies to local businesses, industry and service professions in Chickasaw County.

We at the Chickasaw Journal are quick to point out we don’t have the expertise, data or credentials to say exactly what you need to make your business grow or when you should hire employees – but we would like for you to look at a few things.

• The stock market is up.

• Nationally, housing prices and inventories have stabilized.

• The State of Mississippi has hit tax revenue estimates.

• Unemployment is steady in North Mississippi.

• Sales tax numbers are constant in Chickasaw County.

Some may say we are not out of the economic woods yet, and we will admit the Chickasaw Journal, like all businesses, has no crystal ball to tell us when and how to spend.

But we are pleased with indicators that show economic activity is on the rise on Main Street.

The parking lots of local furniture factories are full and that tells us people are working. There are cars parked on the Square every day in Houston. The parking lots of our major retail stores are also full on the weekend.

We have confidence in local business. And we have confidence local business will grow.

And that is not an easy thing to say after the economic punches of the past 18-months.

As spring blossoms we urge all local businesses to embrace our confidence and assurance that we feel things will get better around here.

We also urge shoppers to support the local economy and spend their dollars in local stores and businesses. Your purchase may not turn the national economy around, but it could put somebody in Chickasaw County over their sales goal for the day.

No, one robin does not make spring. But on the other hand, by the time you see several on your lawn, you can be pretty sure summer is already here!

Summer is a time to grow. Let’s do the things necessary to make our economy blossom.

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