EDITORIAL: Did you vote?

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNEREarly voting has indicated voter turnout Tuesday in Chickasaw County was modest for a mid-term, party primary election.

We are proud for that.

But we do want to look around and try to find a reason why the majority of this community and county didn’t take the 10-minutes necessary to cast their ballot yesterday.

In a day and age when so much is changing in our world and our country, we need to make sure the people who represent us – that is the United States – are those men and women who reflect our views and our values.

If you did not vote in yesterday’s election what is your excuse?

Maybe you are discouraged by the electoral process. Most of those who voted yesterday probably are, too – but they made a difference.

Maybe you didn’t have the time. Our local elections officials and poll workers can get you in an out of the voting booth in 15-minutes.

Maybe you just didn’t care.

And that is the reason that worries this newspaper the most.

A recent poll indicates most Americans just don’t care who their judges are. They don’t care who their representatives are in Washington. And they don’t care about what is actually happening to their nation and our country.

How can this be!

As we turn our focus to July 4th, this newspaper hopes those who really love this country and those who have sacrificed so much for it will urge their fellow countrymen to get involved once again in making our country strong.

We hope these patriots will consider running for office.

We hope these patriots will help people register to vote.

We hope these patriots will take the time to say a word of encouragement to those good people currently holding public office.

Local races for state and county offices will be next year. School board elections will be held this fall. Now is the time to register to vote and start considering those men and women who want to make our community a better place to work, play and live.

America is rapidly losing many of its freedoms. And many of those freedoms are being lost because the good people of this town and county don’t get out and vote.


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