Summer ball offers more diamond opportunities

After wrapping up the school season with a trip to North Half, the Houston baseball club is joining other area schools in extending their seasons through part of the summer.
The Houston club split into two groups, Team Maroon and Team White, to spread out their members for optimum playing time. The club is carrying 23 on their summer roster so dividing them gives more players a chance to get on the field.
“You’ve got Garrison (Howell) and Charles Wayne Spencer who both play second,” said coach Scott Gann. “If you split them on two teams they’ll both get 12 innings.”
Previously the high school roster split players in double-headers but Gann estimates over the course of the June schedule running two separate teams can get players about 60 more innings and 20 more at-bats.
“That’s a lot of baseball,” Gann said.
Gann and coach Derick Kirby will also divide for the summer with Kirby handling more of the home games on both schedules while Gann travels the majority of the time.
“We’ll be rotating with the teams,” Gann said. “It just a way to get our kids more opportunities.”

One more team and another opportunity
Two of the club members will see even more extra innings as they participate in Sr. American Legion baseball in Pontotoc.
Clay Hillhouse and Reid Carter have signed on to Nickey Brownings team and will take an extra step in their sports careers.
“That’s a lot of exposure for them,” Gann said. “They travel a lot and it’s an opportunity to have more college coaches look at them and for them to get tougher competiton during the summer.”

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