Campers on the diamond

“Go get it, throw it in! Good job!”
Grady Nabors’ positive words could be heard on the Houston High School baseball field last week as he took younger boys through fielding drills during baseball camp.
Nabors has good reason to be so encouraging to the potential Hilltoppers. It wasn’t that long ago he was in their cleats.
“I remember being around all the older kids,” Nabors said of his own days of summer camp. “I remember it was always fun and they were so cool. I know they (younger players) look up to the older kids.”
Houston coach Scott Gann also remembers attending camp as a young boy and now watches his JV and varsity team members take their turns as mentors.
“This shows them the other side of coaching,” Gann said. “We want them (campers) to learn the fundamentals and have an opportunity to be coached by guys they look up to like I did growing up.”
The three-day camp focused on fundamentals and skills training in hitting, fielding, running and – everyone’s favorite – sliding. But it also gave some of the older players an opportunity to step up to a coaching and role model position.
“They are mentors,” Gann said. “Take Tanner Smith, for example. He is really eating this up, getting to coach the younger guys.”
Gann said the camp is an opportunity for players to learn what their own coaches work toward in the dugout.
“Trying to teach them and keep them focused while we all stay happy and have fun,” Gann said. web basecamp1 web basecamp2 web basecamp23