EDITORIAL: Working together

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERWe were pleased to see the City of Houston and Chickasaw County working together last year at this time on the site that now houses Houston fire trucks.

Supervisors loaned a back-hoe and two dump trucks to the city to clean off the corner lot at Harrington and South Jefferson last week. The dirt was then hauled to Joe Brigance Park to fill in a ditch.

At a Houston Board of Alderman meeting last week, the city said it will seek the county’s help in shaping up Chestnut Road south of town.

Too often elected officials forget the City of Houston is in Chickasaw County and vice-versa. That also goes for the towns of Okolona, Houlka and Woodland and each of our respective school districts.

In this time of limited government revenue, our cities, schools and county need to look to each other for help with projects and specifically maintenance of infrastructure, real property and buildings.

Each of these entities has equipment and skilled personnel who can perform work efficiently and effectively and most importantly, at a reduced cost.

We hope the leaders of city, county and school boards never hesitate to go before another entity to ask for help and we hope each elected official will politely ask the questions and get the answers they need to support these joint-venture projects.

Yes, there will be times when boards can’t get together on a project. And yes, there do need to be certain agreements drawn up to define who is responsible for what and to ease questions of cost and liability.

The fire station project was probably one of the easier projects for the City of Houston and Chickasaw County to join hands on. The Houston Fire Department is often called to crank up and roll to fight a fire in the county. County volunteers are quick to lend a hand when the pager goes off on a city fire, too.

But as we look around, we see other projects that will need a united effort between the county, schools and municipalities. Centralized dispatching, economic development, road maintenance, use of inmate labor, athletic facilities, juvenile crime, industrial park improvements, disaster relief and parking lot repairs are just a few of the projects that are on the horizon.

We hope the elected officials of our county, our cities and our schools continue to work together for the benefit of all who live and pay taxes in our community.

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