Hail storm, rain hit area

1STOCK Weather_Rain_Storm_UmbrellasA summer storm Sunday afternoon saw dime-size hail reported in Houston and larger hail falling in Anchor.

Linda Griffin, Director of the Chickasaw County Emergency Management Agency, golf-ball size hail was reported in Anchor with minor damage reported to buildings, cars and gardens.

“There were a few vehicles reporting damage and the skylight at the Atlanta Volunteer Fire Department was broken,” said Griffin. “The damage was confined to the southwest part of the county and nobody was hurt.”

Griffin did say wind from that storm caused a tree to fall across Highway 15 just south of the Houlka intersection and trees were reported down in Thorn.

“The power was out in Thorn for a little while but there were no reports of accidents,” said Griffin. “Crews got out there and cleaned things up quickly.”

Griffin said summer storms are a constant threat across Northeast Mississippi right now.

“We’ve had some rain and that means we could have flooding if we get more rain – which is in the forecast,” said Griffin. “And the threat of lightning is also very real this time of year.”

Griffin said most flood deaths occur when people try to drive across submerged roads. She urged drivers faced with flood waters to find another route or wait an hour or two until the water recedes.

“I also want to remind parents that most lightning death involving children occur after a storm,” said Griffin. “The kids want to go outside as soon as it stops raining and there is still a threat of lightning. It’s a good idea to keep kids inside for about an hour or until the storm is well out of the area.”


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