LISA VOYLES: Summer fun

DIIA__MUG_Lisa_Voyles_newIt’s going to be a busy summer and the fun has already started.

We won’t be making a beach trip this year because we’re just too busy with other activities which kicked off last week.
We made a trip to Chicago to see nephew, Max, graduate Navy basic training. Actually, we made a trip to Waukegan, Ill., and zipped over to Great Lakes for the graduation ceremony. But we did go through Chicago.
It was my first trip to Chi-town and I elected to be a passenger through the city proper. Brother and I tag-teamed the 12-hour drive – which would have been 11 hours had we not been forced to drive through Chicago. I can handle Memphis, West Memphis and even Jonesboro in the driving rain, but I bailed just south of the Chicago and retreated to the back seat. I know my limitations. I’m a “forward” kind of driver. Put me on an interstate and I can go all day. Cloverleafs, loops and exit ramps just aren’t my strong suit.
Once we arrived in Waukegan safely, everything was smooth sailing. The Great Lakes campus is beautiful and the graduation ceremony was awesome. It was all I could have hoped for in a graduation – precision and pagentry, razor sharp creases in sparkling white dress uniforms, formality and disciplined respect.
We got to spend Friday evening and all day Saturday with Max, just visiting and petting our “boy” who is not a boy anymore. This tall, handsome young man has grown up so much in the past six weeks of basic training. He is completely confident in his abilities and looking forward to his future. And I’m looking forward to watching him move into his future, opening a new chapter in his life.
We made it home safe and sound Sunday night, but we won’t be able to rest for long.
Later this month Cody and Charlie will join the church youth group for a mission trip in Grenada and they’ll be gone on another one in July.
Mama and I are heading out to visit relatives in a week or so and we’ll all be in Bogalusa, Louisiana, for a family reunion later this summer.
We just couldn’t squeeze in another trip this year and I’m not complaining. I’m sure by the time school starts again we’ll all be completely worn out from all the fun we’re going to have.
By this time next summer, Max should be stationed in San Diego and I understand they have lovely beaches in that area.
Interstate 40 – yep, that’s my kind of driving. I think I see a plan coming together.
Lisa Voyles is Managing Editor/Sports for the Chickasaw Journal. She can be reached at 456-3771 or via email to

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