Power outage hits Houston

Natchez-Trace-EPA-LOGOA possible lightning strike at a Houston substation prompted a series of power outages Thursday night that put several thousand people in the dark.

Natchez Trace Electric Power Association customers in Houston are fed TVA power by substations in Okolona and Calhoun City and the problem was first noted in Okolona.

“We had a relay trip in Okolona about 9:10 p.m. it blinked a couple of time and we got it back on,” said James Pettit, Natchez Trace EPA superintendent of substations. “Then it blinked again about 10:20 p.m and was off for a while.”

The outage affected all of Houston and an area stretching from just south of Mantee to just north of Houlka in Pontotoc County.

As with all power outages, Pettit said Natchez Trace crews were mobilized immediately and administrative personnel were called in to man phone lines and take calls from customers. Natchez Trace policy is to urge customers to call whenever there is a power outage to help them determine the area affected.

“It was a pretty significant outage,” said Pettit. “I do want to remind customers that if they call and get a recording to provide the information requested by the recording. With something like last night we are answering those calls as fast as we can but we can’t get to them all.”

Natchez Trace EPA in Houston can be reached by calling 456-3037 during regular business hours or by calling 456-6185 or 456-6186 in the event of an emergency, on weekends or after 5 p.m.

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