Two hurt in Trebloc accident

1STOCK Accident SeatbeltGlass graphicCHICKASAW COUNTY – A man and a child were hurt in a one-vehicle accident that saw a car run off the road, flip and then catch fire.

The Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department was called to County Road 406 in Trebloc last week with the driver airlifted to North Mississippi Medical Center and an 8-year-old male passenger carried to the hospital by ambulance.

“When we arrived on the scene we found the driver shaken up and going in an out of consciousness,” said Chickasaw County Deputy Jimmy Rappe. “The boy also had a bump on his head and we were concerned about his condition, too.”

Rappe said the car was driven by Eddie Griffin, Jr., of Chickasaw County. Griffin told Rappe a deer ran across the road and prompted him to lose control of the vehicle.

“It looked like the vehicle rolled over at least once,” said Rappe. “It caught fire and was totally destroyed by the fire.”

No citation was issued, but Rappe said the accident was still under investigation.

Southeast Volunteer Fire Department, Transcare and Okolona Fire Chief Terry Tucker also responded to the call.

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