Patrol car hits fallen tree

firefighter logoCHICKASAW COUNTY – A sheriff’s deputy slammed into a fallen tree damaging a patrol car and sending the driver and an occupant to a Tupelo hospital.

James Meyers, Chief Deputy with the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department, said deputy Barry Gladney was carrying a man arrested a short time earlier for medical observation to a family member when his car hit a fallen tree on the Natchez Trace about 11 p.m. Saturday night.

Deputy Gladney was shaken up and his occupant was also banged up, but no one was hurt seriously,” said Meyers. “Our policy is everybody goes to the hospital if one of our patrol cars has an accident.”

Meyers said Gladney was northbound on the Natchez Trace a few miles north of its intersection with Highway 8. The tree had fallen across the Trace at the bottom of a hill and the officer was apparently unable to stop when he saw the obstacle.

“It did a significant amount of damage to the car,” said Meyers. “Insurance adjusters are looking at the vehicle Monday and the accident was investigated by Natchez Trace park rangers.”

Meyers said no citation was issued and both Gladney and the occupant were treated and released.

Traffic on the Natchez Trace was slowed for about an hour as emergency crews cleared the fallen tree and the patrol car from the scene.

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