FLOYD INGRAM: Summer is what Houston does best

CJ-0402-COL-Floyd-1C-MUGEvery community has their own special flavor and activities that set it apart from the rest of the world.

Those of you who have grown up here may not realize how unique Houston is and some of the things that make it so different from other places on Earth.

They are things like red, sandy soil on rolling hills, The Courthouse Square, the intersection of North Jackson/Pontotoc/Malcomb/First Street, Saxon’s, the Natchez Trace and WCPC Radio to name a few.

Most of these things were here before most of us got here and will be here after most of us are gone.

Each and everyone of them brings something special to this community.

As a newspaperman I have always looked around and tried to find those things that people do best. They make great news stories.

The same holds true for towns.

In Houston it is Homecoming on the Fourth of July weekend and the Sundancer Solar Car.

Both of those events occur at this time of year. Both are something Houston does best.




Homecoming is this weekend.

I called it Houston Homecoming last year and was quickly told that its official name is just Homecoming.

It’s organized by Houston folks, benefits Houston folks and is mainly put on for Houston folks. There is no need to add Houston. Everybody who is anybody knows it’s all about Houston.

It was my family’s first community event when we moved here four short years ago. We didn’t know a soul and it was neat to watch my boys and Sara see their new town sporting jumping booths, food booths, blues music, gospel music and country music. The fireworks display was loud, long and impressive for a town this size.

I understand there are families who plan their vacations around Homecoming and make the pilgrimage from foreign lands like California and New York each year to reconnect to their roots and revel in their Houston heritage.

It’s one of those events where it’s safe to turn the kids loose. It’s also one of those events where you can get all excited and dance or just pull up a lawn chair and watch the crowds go by.

I have only been to one and was very impressed.

It’s one of the things Houston does best.




The Houston boys and girls solar car race teams head to Lone Star State in two weeks to compete at The Solar Car Challenge July 18-24 at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.

Having lived in the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex, it was always neat to see the little team from Houston, Mississippi on the television as they zoomed their way to another first place finish. At that point in my life it made me proud to be from Mississippi. Today it makes me proud to be from Houston.

As our world seeks to grow alternative energy sources, it has to make you proud to know the Houston High School Sundancer teams have been leading the way for more than ten years.

We’ve grown accustomed to watching our school take kids and make them winners on the cutting edge of technology. This years competition will see a lot of new teams backed by big bucks get involved in solar car racing. It is never easy to be the best in the nation.

This year our team will race the round-track at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth and then hit the road for a roadrace to Waco. I might add that our Sundancer team — from Houston, Mississippi – may just be the best in the world.

This community needs to realize this is something our town, our schools and our young people do better than anyone on earth.


To be the best


The Chickasaw Journal ran its Best Of Chickasaw County edition last week.

It was packed with the people, businesses and professionals you voted as “The Best of Chickasaw County.” There were hundreds of names in there and categories ranging from Best Boss and Best Mechanic to Best Pizza and Best Cup of Coffee.

In this sour economy it is so easy to blame failures and shortcomings on the times and not put forth that extra effort needed right now to be the best.

In both business and in sports, winner capitalize on what they do best.

And we should all be proud to say Summer is what Houston does best.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com


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