Summer fun with a purpose

Swimming, fishing, hiking, canoeweb scouting and camping were just a few of the summer sports enjoyed by local and area boys last week in Houston. Throw in pioneering, orienteering and cooking you have all the makings of annual Boy Scout camp.
This year, Scouts from Troop 19 in Houston, Troop 17 in Okolona and Troop 30 in Eupora joined forces for camp at Green Acres, a privately owned lake and fishing camp outside Houston. The boys spent the week enjoying many different activities with the goal of advancing their ranks by earning merit badges.
“Swimming was my favorite,” said Dearious Clark, a second-class Scout from Troop 17. “I earned merit badges for swimming, canoing, communications, pioneering and orienteering. They will help me in moving up.”
Dakota Beckham of Troop 19 is working his way up to First Class Scout and said his favorite part of the week was, “making a fire.”
All the boys agreed they enjoyed working on the Scout obrservation tower created from bamboo and hickory.
Adult leaders, Curtis Hollingsworth, Terry Smith and Bubba Forrester had plenty of assistance from parents and more seasoned Scouts as they led the younger boys through their paces, but Smith said the best part of the week was watching the youth form partnerships and using teamwork to accomplish their goals.
“The kids do it,” Smith said. “The only reason I’m here is to make sure things are safe. They do most of the teaching and correcting on their own. If I’m doing my job right, I just stand to the side.”
The boys broke down camp Saturday but are already looking forward to more outdoor adventures to come.
“My favorite part has probably been everything,” said John-John Forrester. “I just love camping, period.”