BETTY BROWN: Appreciation and an encore

Betty BrownTo say I’m pleased with the turnout of Community Choir members to sing at Homecoming would be a gross understatement.

Many thanks to everyone who made the effort, despite the heat and humidity, to brave the threatening storm and raise their voices. It was, indeed, a lovely performance.
I’m sure most everyone is aware by now of the Thursday performances in the Master Gardeners’ Park beside City Hall. It is proving to be a fun and inspiring little concert time for those who are in town in the late afternoon and we had hoped that the Community Choir will be able to join the long list of performers who have and will continue to entertain this summer.
As those of you who were at Homecoming know, many Choir members came through and agreed to do a performance for a Thursday afternoon.
Joyce East has given us a date of August 7 and the time is 5 p.m.
Here’s hoping that all those who said they would and some who weren’t sure plus some folks who just want to be a part of this fun group will join us to make music one more time this summer.

Betty Brown is a resident of Houston and can be reached at 567-2669 or via email to

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