Houston Aldermen hear complaints from citizens

CITY OF HOUSTON FLAGHOUSTON – The Houston Board of Alderman heard from two reisdents registering complaints about city employees during the July 1 meeting.

Leonard Gillespie of Houston addressed the board saying he feels as though he is being harassed by a police officer. Gillepsie said a Houston policeman has at times parked across the street from his car washing business and came onto his property to talk to an employee. Gillespie said he asked the officer to leave the property and he refused. Gillespie also said he was followed by the same officer to another property and tickete and arrested without due cause.
Alderman-at-large, Barry Springer, moved to table the matter until the upcoming alderman’s session work session and to address it as a personnel issue including discussion with Marshal Billy Voyles.
No action was taken on the matter.
Randy Brooks addressed the board saying he and his wife were harassed by a city employee when they opened a barbeque stand in town June 21. Brooks did not name the city employee but said he was told he needed a permit to operate his stand. Brooks said he offered and did pay for a permit that day but did not feel he was treated fairly in light of other vendors who sell goods in town.
Brooks asked for his permit fee of $250 to be reduced, saying it was out of line with other towns in the area in which he sets up a vendor stand.
Frank Thomas moved to table the issue to the work session and address it as a personnel issue. No action was taken on the matter.

In other business:
n Accepted the resignation of City Clerk, Janie Dendy, after one year of service. Dendy did not offer any comment on her resignation which was submitted June 30.
n Heard a request for funding from Global Regional Network to purchase office and educational supplies. GRN is currently housed on Parish Street and offers GED classes, art and music classes and plans to offer child care services and more educational services for children and adults. The facility is staffed by volunteers. On motion by Shenia K. Jones, aldermen agreed to pay for two items from a list of needs submitted. Frank Thomas and Tony Uhiren voted against the motion. Barry Springer offered to personally purchase a third item from the list.
n Approved an annual $150 donation to the spring Flywheel Festival
n Accepted Scott Murphree as lowest and best bid to paint the Houston Carnegie Library in the amount of $5,994.
n Heard updates on two properties who have been served notice to clean up. Both are currently working toward compliance and were deemed resolved.
n Agreed to advertise for the position of Muncipal City Clerk.
n Agreed to hire three part-time police officers after the resignation of full time officer, Dustin Dendy.

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  • Pat Southerland

    It is interesting to see that Mrs. Dendy is resigning after one year in service to the City of Houston. I hope the Board of Aldermen don’t think that they are going to hire someone who is related to any other employee of the city – note this is nepotism and is in violation of state law. For the last 8 years since I moved back here and for many many years before that, it has been a practice of the City of Houston to do this. Let me repeat – it is against state law and is enforceable.


      Oh yes. It is very interesting since Mrs. Dendy also at the time owned a bbq business that was in competition with the gentleman she was having harrassed over a permit. Very sneaky people. Believe me I know more about her and the husband that I care to know. Yes, they broke laws to put her in that position.