DR. DARRICK WHITFIELD: Remember, God gave the increase!

C8JG__EDIT_WHITFIELD_Bible_open_pages“I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.” 1 Cor. 3:6

You can’t play team sports like soccer,football,basketball, or baseball, if you have not learned how to be part of a team. The only way to reach your maximum potential is by realizing that every person has a role to play in winning the game.

Paul had planted a church in the city, but the city had gotten into the church. This explains, why there were so many problems, so many divisions. Paul is trying to get the Corinthians to become a team that works effectively for building the kingdom of God. They were divided. Some said, “I come from Apollos, Others, I come from Paul”, but Paul said; “We are servants, that make up God’s team.”

There were gifted and talented people in the Corinthian church, just like any other church but they hadn’t learned how to work together, how to pray together, how to sing together, or how to witness together. Paul is stressing that everyone has something to contribute. We all need one another. The Lone Ranger needed Tonto. Batman needed Robin. Adam needed Eve. Moses needed Aaron his brother, Abraham needed Isaac, Hezekiah needed Isaiah, Paul needed Silas, and we all need Jesus.

Not even Jesus tried to do it on His own. He chose twelve. And the twelve was summoned to follow His pattern and work as a team.

Teamwork is what the Kingdom of God is all about. Remember, God’s work involves many different individuals with a variety of gifts and abilities. There are no superstars in this task, only team members performing their own special roles. We can become useful members of God’s team by setting aside our desire to receive glory and praise for what we do. People say, “if I’m not recognized or appreciated, I just won’t do anything.” Paul was saying to the people at Corinth, when you are on God’s team, don’t seek the praise that comes from people. Instead, seek the approval of God

There is an old saying, that says “if the church consisted of only young folks, then the church will blow up, if the church is filled with only old folks, then the church will dry up, but if we work, both young and old together, then the church will grow up, build up, partner up and stay up.


Dr. Darrick Whitfield is pastor of Shady Grove Baptist Church in McCondy. His column appears regularly in the Chickasaw Journal.



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