County discusses mileage, truck

news-court-crime-stockOKOLONA – Chickasaw County Supervisors are reimbursed for 25-miles of travel a month and District 3 Supervisor Russell Brooks does not think that is enough.

Brooks said that only amounts to about 300 miles a year and he didn’t feel that was adequate to monitor road construction projects in his district and to drive back and forth to Houston to attend board meetings.

“That 25-miles a month does not allow me to serve my constituents,” said Brooks. “One trip to check on a bridge or road after a rain and I am done for the month. There is also wear and tear on my personal vehicle riding these roads.”

District 4 Supervisor Jerry Hall agreed but also pointed out the county saves taxpayers roughly $250,000 a year under the current policy.

District 5 Supervisor Russell “Wolfie” King said he understood Brooks’ concern but that county officials new they would not be getting a truck when they ran for office.

Supervisors in most Mississippi counties are given a county truck – properly marked and maintained – to drive in while they are in office.

It was also pointed out Chickasaw County has a road manager who is supposed to monitor all road projects and supervisors are to call him if they have concerns or receive a complaint about the condition of a road.

“We are no less than any board (of supervisors) in the state,” said Brooks. “We are tearing up and wearing out our own vehicle. I think there is enough money in the budget to do this.”

Board attorney Gary Carnathan said the board would have to spread something on the minutes to be reimbursed and could not just turn in mileage or expenses under the current policy.

Brooks made the motion to increase the county’s mileage reimbursement to supervisors. The motion died from lack of a second.

Supervisors and all county officials will be running for office in 2015. Filing for county offices begins next winter.

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