One step closer to the goal line

1PHOTO Four Footballs1HOULKA – The Wildcat Football Booster Club wants a field of their own and say a lot proposed for a new football field just north of town will fit their needs.

Patty Moss, Wildcat Booster Club President, said they have measured the lot west of Collums Furniture and north of the city baseball field and with a 25-foot addition, everything should fit.

“We have measured it carefully and looking at blue prints it looks like it will fit,” said Moss. “We are going to go to the City (of Houlka) Board and see if we can get the 25-feet we need to add our bleachers.”

Moss said the booster club is not asking for anything from the Chickasaw County School Board at this time other than to proceed with the project and begin looking at dirt work.

Boosters have been working for more than five years to bring a football field to Houlka. The Wildcats currently have to schedule their home games at Okolona Football Field, more than 15 miles away.

At a meeting last year the city board agreed to locate the new football field behind the existing baseball and softball fields in Ross Young Park. The field will be used by Houlka Attendance Center for football games and can also be used for city recreational purposes.

While the booster club will handle the operation of the field, the property will actually belong to the Houlka Park and Recreation department.

The booster club has already gotten a number of quotes from local construction companies interested in doing the dirtwork. The Chickasaw Board of Supervisors has also been contacted about helping with the project.

The plan is to level the field, develop some type of road to the site and erect bleachers and goal posts. The Mississippi High School Athletic Association requires two fences: one that will secure the field and one that will go around the public area and have a gate where admission is paid.

Booster club members have said the project will be completed in phases, with the construction of the field as priority one. The first step in dirtwork will be getting the field crested and shaped and then installing culverts for drainage around the field. Sand will also be added to the playing field for softness and to help develop a turf.

The booster club, parents, players and residents of Houlka have all worked together for the past five years to raise money for and awareness of the need for a football field. But Moss said the effort and determination are starting to pay off and the results are about to become visible.

Chickasaw County School Board Trustee Kenneth Linton encouraged boosters to move forward with the project.

“If you feel it will fit and the city is Ok with this, we need to look into it,” said Linton. “We just want everyone to play by the rules and work to make this happen.”

No timeline has been set for construction or the first game at the proposed field.


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