Letter Ray Garrett


Dear Editor,
The primaries for the United States Senate seat from Mississippi are over. We the voters are now faced with a clear choice between two candidates for this office. This choice is between the Democratic nominee, Travis Childers, and the Republican nominee, Thad Cocharan, Despite what many of thier supporters would have the voters, believe this is not a choice between two men. Rather our citizens are faced with a choice between two competing political ideologies and agendas.
By joining their respective parties, both of these candidates have directly set out for the voters which of these ideologies they personally believe in and support. By choosing to become a Republicans or a Democrat each of these candidates has made a personal statement of support for the agenda of thier partly. When we cast our balloys we are personally endorsing and adopting one of these competing agendas as our own.
A vote for Travis Childers is a vote in support of the policies of the President and Harry Reid. A person casting his or her ballot for any Democrat is actively supporting homosexual marriage and abortion on demand not to mention socialized medicine and abortion on demand not to mention socialized medicine and expanded welfare spending all of which are championed by the Democrats. A person who votes for Thad Cochran is actively opposing the gun control legislation supported by the radical left. A vote for Travis Childers is a vote for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens who sap the resources of our national economy while a vote against the candidate of the party of President Obama is a vote for a secure southern national border.
Each voter has a patriotic duty to cast his or her ballot in a manner supporting the national interest of our citizens. Every day the media shows our citizens that the apologist foreign policy of the Obama administration is a total failure. Russia simply annexed the Crimea and the three major pipelines that control the energy supply of Western Europe. The Middle East is in turmoil with Islam on the rise throughout the region with innocent people murdered by Islamic terrorist daily. The choice between the Democrat and the Republican and the policies they each support is clear.
All Christian American citizens have a moral obligation to unite in support of true American values by voting for Thad Cochran. A vote for Travis Childers is a vote in favor of homosexual marriage, abortion on demand, radical gun control legislation and turning a blind eye to the danger of radical Islam. A vote for Thad Cochran is a personal stand against these things. Our choice and duty as Christian American citizens is clear.
Ray Garrett

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