EDITORIAL: Fourteen in a row!

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERThat’s how many times the Houston Solar Car has gone to Texas and come home with the Solar Challenge Championship Trophy.

They did it again this year with a tried and true strategy that has withstood the test of time since two cavemen decided to race to the next tree – get out in front and stay there!

Your Houston Solar Car Team raced a hybrid race this summer where they ran closed circuit laps for two days on the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth and then headed out on Texas highways for two days of road racing on the way to Austin. They won both stages of this race.

This community and this newspaper would like to publicly thank the members of the 2014 Houston Solar Car Team; Kristen Black, Allyson Taylor, Cody Gordillo, Malik Lawrence, Matthew Hood, Greg Hollingsworth, Zack Mixon, Hayden Powell, Jackson Whitt and college intern Jacob Bridgman.

We would also like to thank the 2014 Houston Solar Car instructors/advisors Keith Reese, BB Turman, Anita Ellison and Donna Turman.

And last but not least we want to thank the sponsors of Houston Solar Car – those individuals and companies who publicly and privately finance our solar car team. We especially want to thank the local VFW Chapter, the Lowndes County Chapter and the State VFW for giving this program a check for $10,000 last fall.

This newspaper has repeatedly said one of the things Houston does best is Solar Car.

But there is a need for our community to re-invest in this program.

Racing at any level can be expensive.

We want to take this opportunity to thank those who have bankrolled the Houston Solar Car team year after year. We urge your continued support of this program that teaches excellence and carries this town’s good name across this country and the world.

We urge past supporters of the Houston Solar Car program to once again consider putting their name on the car as a full-fledged and committed sponsor. We want to urge individuals to consider putting their name on a check – for any amount — and helping a youngster make the race.

We urge our school district, our city, our county and even our state to look for ways to financially support our solar car. You are the ones who truly benefit.

The Houston Solar Car program is one of the things this community does best. We need to support it with our hearts and our wallets.


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