FLOYD INGRAM: What I like about Houston

CJ-0402-COL-Floyd-1C-MUGIt’s been an incredible couple of weeks in Houston.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – for a sleep little Mississippi town, we sure have a lot going on around here.

Solar car has just won their 14th Solar Challenge, the Agri-Center is getting a new roof and champion tomatoes are growing rosy and ripe around here. The band is practicing for their season, football starts real soon and folks are enjoying the links on a course smack-dab in the middle of town.

There are lot of things I like about Houston. Here are a few of them:

• • •

Kristen Black crawled out of the cockpit of Sundancer for the last time as Solar Car Team Captain Saturday night.

Tears steamed down both sides of her face as she smiled at her teammates and those gathered at the Houston School of Science and Technology.

Solar car racing is one of the things this community does best.

• • •

This is a town where kids can still ride bicycles on the streets at night.

I once lived in a town outside of Dallas where you didn’t let your kids outside the gate unless you could watch them close.

Houston is a safe town where people can still let their children have a little freedom and make summer memories on the seat of a bike.

• • •

I like fried chicken and sweet tea.

Nobody – and I mean nobody – makes those two Southern staples better than church ladies around here.

• • •

Riding the Natchez Trace is something most of us take for granted.

Spring, summer, winter or fall, it offers us a natural vista second to none.

I like riding it at mid morning in the summer with the window down.

The smell of a pine forest and a 20-degree temperature drop when you drive through the shade cleanses the soul.

• • •

I like watching Southern girls fan themselves with two hand in the summer time.

I can’t believe it makes them any cooler. It sure makes them cute.

• • •

I like going to football games on Friday night.

We don’t go to just watch the team win, we go to be with others of our kind.

If the home team wins, that’s great. If they lose, it really doesn’t change a whole lot of things in this world.

• • •

I like living in a town that has a bigger and better hospital than we deserve.

Trace Regional is staffed by doctors, nurses and administrators who care about more than my health.

They ask me about my life and how my kids and wife are doing with a genuine interest.

• • •

Fishing at the Undertaker’s lake is a favorite of all Ingram boys.

A ride on the paddle boat or in the canoe is the perfect way to fish and enjoy an afternoon on the water.

I’ve heard of people feeding catfish, but he feeds his bream. I like reeling in panfish as big as a grown man’s hand.

• • •

I love the Chickasaw County Courthouse.

This grand ole building is usually cool and quiet on a hot summer day.

My smile is met by smiles as my work carries me into the branches of local government that office there.

• • •

I like watching city, county and school boards pray before meetings.

We pray a lot in Houston – except at football games – and we probably need to do more of it.

Prayer doesn’t always work, but it always helps.

• • •

I like drinking coffee at Moore’s Restaurant.

The table in the back where the fine Southern Gentlemen of this town start their morning and solve the world’s problems is Houston through and through.

I’m usually the youngest one there, but those old men smile at my youth and laugh at my jokes.

I’ve yet to determine if they are really as bad as most folk think they are.

• • •

I like listening to the nighthawks chirp as I walk out the door of the Chickasaw Journal at night.

A man is made to work and when the day is done, it’s neat to hear them and know evening has settled on Houston and it’s time to go home.


We have a lot to be thankful for in Houston and that’s why it pains me to hear people moan and groan about the place they call home.

Take a look around, this really is a place you might learn to like.

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