EDITORIAL: Cleaning up the town

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERHow does your town look?

Too often we become accustomed to the grown-up lots and rundown property we see around town. We just pass it off as good ole Johnny Joe’s property that has looked like that for years. He’ll get around to cleaning it up one of these days.

In Houston, one of those days was last week.

The Houston Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to clean up lots with city labor and equipment and will place a lien on the property owner’s taxes to pay for the work.

Okolona has attempted several times to get people to clean up in a similar fashion but has been stalled by red-tape and legal counsel. Houlka gets after their eye-sores on a regular basis with a polite visit by their city officials

We are glad to see this clean up effort underway in Houston.

Like we said earlier, a community too often becomes complacent in allowing property to deteriorate. It’s usually not something that happens overnight and some honestly don’t realize how bad things look.

But newcomers and those wanting to bring new business, industry and jobs to our community are quick to see it.

Economic development authorities point out that community appearance is at the top of any list to be checked off by a visiting industrialist. If their company is about to invest millions in a town, they want to know how their equipment will be treated and maintained. They also have an eye on potential customers who will visit their new factory.

We want to urge local communities to strive to fairly and firmly clean up their town.

Let’s all take a little pride in our city. The rewards will make us all smile and be proud to call this community home.



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