FLOYD INGRAM: Good morning Chickasaw County

CJ-0402-COL-Floyd-1C-MUGI enjoy visiting with you like this.

In this day and age of immediate electronic media and 24-hour news it’s still neat to sit down at a keyboard and talk with the people who read the Chickasaw Journal.

I’ve always felt radio yaks, television blares and the internet will carry you many places you don’t want to go, but you have to sit down and settle down to read a newspaper.

More than 25-years of bearing my heart and soul to readers has not quenched my passion to craft words and copy for folk who are smart enough to read.


Good company


Take a look around your Opinion Page and Page 5. I’m joined by men and women who are probably much smarter than me and probably make a lot more money, too.

But they have also taken the time to sit down at the keyboard and pen a line or two that – if it doesn’t change your life – will make you smile and think a little.

Billy McCord has dug up a nifty little story about black bears that is as timeless as it is priceless.

My job requires me to read every dot and tittle that goes in this paper and in the four years I have been reading Billy’s copy I have yet to determine if he is an Ole Miss or Bulldog fan. Maybe this story about black bears give us a little insight?

We present Renee Cunningham this week with the first in a series of stories on Common Core.

We’ve all heard about this change in education, but how many of us really know the details? Cunningham was part of a North Carolina initiative that laid the groundwork for what later became Common Core.

Maybe you already have a bias for or against Common Core. This is America and you are entitled to your opinion. Cunningham will present her opinion to us over the next few weeks.

From all that I have read, you will definitely learn more about this subject. That’s part of what an Opinion Page should do.

And of course there is Steve Coker.

“Dr. Coker” is a little buttoned-down at work. Like Billy McCord, being a professional educator at that level is not always an enjoyable job and a professional persona is just good defense.

But I also get the feeling one of the more enjoyable parts of his job is sitting down at his desk and dashing off a column. Do you ever notice how he weaves a story around a serious education issue?




Change is news and the newspaper business has been at the forefront of change since before all of us were born.

This industry is seeing a lot change and many of those moves have touched your Chickasaw Journal.

One thing that hasn’t changed is someone with an idea and some seriously held convictions stopping long enough to write you a little something to read.

We’ve got a need to develop our Tanglefoot Trail on Page One, a burned out school holding its first day of class, a city looking to hire a City Clerk and a team effort that has brought a driver’s license office back to our county.

There’s sports, student achievements and news you can use on every page.

And there are four people this week who have something they want you to hear.

Thanks for spending a little time and thought with us.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com

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