Color For A Cause seeks runners

CJ-0813-COLOR-Run-LOGO-2CHOUSTON – The latest way to raise money for charity organizations and have a little fun will run through Houston in August.

The Color For A Cause Run will be held Saturday, Aug. 23 at Joe Brigance Park in Houston with more than a half dozen local and regional organizations set to benefit from a day of color and fun.

“Color runs are sweeping the country and they held one in Tupelo that was a big success,” said Will Montgomery, Color For A Cause Run Director and a member of the Tourism Committee of the Chickasaw Development Foundation. “The concept is to get people to run a course where they are dusted with color and then take part in a celebration.”

Montgomery said the goal is to raise approximately $1,000 for each charity.

“This run/walk event is a ‘Color Filled Explosion’ Fun Run designed to benefit a range of regional and local charities,” he said. “The proceeds from each person’s registration fee will go to benefit their selected charity of choice. We estimate between $8 – $12 from each registration fee will go to the selected charities.”

The Tupelo color run saw more than 4,000 runners come to town. Montgomery said he hopes to bring 500 runners to Houston and hopes it will become an annual event as people catch-on to the fun.

“Runners will arrive in white and end up looking as if they’ve run through a rainbow,” said Montgomery. “Participants can choose to run the short (1.5 mile) or long course (3.2 mile). This allows more flexibility for parents with kids or adults who may not wish to run the whole course.

Throughout the course are 3 color stations that runners can choose to participate in and be blasted by color:

  • Dance Off Color Station – Runners can perform their favorite dance moves and do the limbo bar.
  • Gymnastics / Obstacle Course Color Station – Runners can flip, roll, do cartwheels, and complete simple obstacles while color falls from the sky.
  • Color Angel Color Station – ever made Snow Angels, now runners can make Color Angels. Flap your wings and experience the thrill of basking in pure color awesomeness!

The run will be followed by music, the food court, kid’s games, and the Charity Awards Ceremony.

Current charity partners are:

  • Yocona Area Council – Boy Scouts of America
  • Heart of the South Council – Girl Scouts
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of North MS
  • Palmer Home for Children
  • Okolona Dollars for Scholars Program
  • Houston Free Clinic and Dr. Victor Horn
  • Chickasaw County 4-H
  • Relay for Life – MidSouth Division

“We need people to start signing up and we are always looking for businesses, industry or individuals who want to help,” said Montgomery. “This has the potential to be a lot of fun and help a lot of people.”

For more information about Color For A Cause, contact Montgomery at 662-507-1515 or email him at

Runners can also visit and click the register button.

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  • Carol Mac

    I went to the Tupelo run, and I have some advice for participants.

    1. Wear sunglasses or protective eye goggles. The color powder is nontoxic, but it will still irritate your eyes if you get it directly in them.

    2. Think carefully about participating if you have asthma. Again, the powder isn’t toxic (it’s usually corn starch mixed with food coloring), but we saw several people who had to drop out of the Tupelo run because they started wheezing. Even if you don’t have asthma, you don’t really want to inhale the powder if you can avoid it.

    3. Put some garbage bags in your car so that when you leave, you don’t end up with a rainbow-colored car interior. That stuff is hard to get out of cloth seats.

    For my family, we had fun at the Tupelo run, and it was a neat thing to do once, but we probably wouldn’t do it again.