Mobile Vet Center coming to Houston

rp_American_OBIT_flag_2a_310Z-300x2251.jpgHOUSTON – Many veterans traveled far away to serve their country, but their country is making an effort to come to them with new services.

The Mobile Vet Center will make its first visit to Houston on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 26 and the big white bus will park in front of Dollar Tree at 658 Madison Street.

“We want our veterans to come by and meet with us and get to know what we are doing,” said Ken Nichols, Veterans Service Officer for Chickasaw County. “I would say most veterans have a general idea of what services are available, but often they are entitled to so much more.

“We want the families of veterans to also come by,” he added. “If you qualify for services of benefits we want to make sure you are getting them.”

Nichols said its as simple as bringing some kind of identification and – since it is the government – filling out some paperwork.

“We will even help you fill out the paperwork,” said Nichols. “The whole idea is helping people navigate the system.”

The Mobile Vet Center is part of the Veterans to Veterans connection recently implemented by the National Outreach Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to help veterans and their families understand and access the services and benefits that they have earned through military service.

“This is a new service and this is a brand new mobile unit,” said Nichols. “It will be coming back on a regular basis and we just want people to take advantage of this.”

Nichols said many veterans of both Iraq and Afghanistan qualify for new benefits and services that weren’t in place when they mustered out.

“I can’t say if you do or don’t qualify, but the Mobile Vet Center has the people and computers who can,” said Nichols. “I’ve always felt if you qualify for a service or benefit you should get it.”

For more information about the Mobile Vet Center call Terry Wynn or Don Malin at the Jackson Vet Center at 601-965-5727. Nichols said local veterans can also call him at 662-456-3652.

“Often times the problem is filling out the paperwork and just getting the process started,” said Nichols. “The Mobile Vet Center is here to help veteran and might just be the solution they are looking for.”

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  • Lolette

    Well since most people work during the week dont you think looking at a Saturday or evening would be better than in the middle of the work week day.