MCCORD: As I see it

MUG-Billy-McCord-CMYKGreetings: Hope you  have  had a nice week-end.  We enjoyed the cool weather last week but it sure seems the heat is on again.

I find myself thinking and saying, “I can’t wait until winter and then I think of the frigid temperatures we had last winter.  I guess, no I know, I am hard to please where the weather is concerned.

Since my last article I have heard a great deal about wild dogs running loose in Bruce. Over a year ago  we began to hear sounds as we approached my truck. Ann came to the rescue and said it was cat birds making the noise and I believed it was children playing nearby. Regardless something was making a noise and I really was beginning to wonder.

The next day we to make our daily visit to one of the stores. Yes the noise was heard and again my wife said it was a cat bird. On we went to a store in Bruce and just as we got there and opened the door a really loud sound was heard. That time I was convinced it was birds on the roof until a lady came by and said, “Sounds like you have got a cat under the hood.”

After listening I did not want to agree with her but I had to. I was in front of the truck and she went around to open the hood. I had a horror of what might come out and then I saw a very small cat’s tail hanging somewhere under the hood.  Before I could say anything a gentleman stopped, stooped and ran his hand under the front fender and out came a little cat anywhere from a month to six weeks of age.  The little creature sure enough made a lot of sound when surrounded by so many people.

Many questions came forth.  The most frequent question, “ Do you have a cat at your house?” My answer, “Yes but not that type of cat and mine has been spayed which prevents unwanted kittens.  If the owner of this kitten  had taken care to prevent unwanted kittens  then I would not have this worry which I did nothing to cause this little cat to be in a large cruel world by itself.

Those of you who know me realize and understand that I am an animal lover. I am not putting this little kitten outside where she would not or could not make it.

Someone told me about the Oxford and Lafayette County Humane Society and away I went.  We were welcomed kindly and they immediately treated the kitten kindly. They began to make plans for the new resident  which included ridding the little one of fleas.  Ann and I had already worked on that but we did not have what we needed to do the job.

I left feeling very good about this little kittens chance of adoption.  Their staff was very good and you felt like they were glad you came for services.  Although not required I was more than happy to leave then a contribution to use in what I refer to as a mission.

For the last five days I have observed a fairly large young dog, probably  mostly a lab puppy staying close to the post office. He or she will run after any car that comes by as to say, “Please stop and give me a home or at least something to eat.” We have tried to apprehend the dog but to no avail.

I encourage people to be responsible where pets are concerned. If you cannot be a responsible pet owner then do not get a pet.  No little animal should be dumped in the harsh world to die a horrible or violent death.

If you decide to be a responsible pet owner you will have an animal that will love you unconditional.  I am convinced that God created pets for us and more than frowns on someone who will abuse them. Please remember that neglect is abuse.

Support the effort being made in Bruce attempting to have a no kill dog kennel.   Hope you are having a great week.


Billy McCord is a retired school administrator and an is Pastor of Shady Grove UM Church in Calhoun County He is a member of the Calhoun County School Board and presently serves as President of the Board. Contact him at P.O. Box 337, Bruce, MS or