WHITFIELD: What’s in your backpack?

C8JG__EDIT_WHITFIELD_Bible_open_pagesWhat’s in your backpack?

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek

and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls.”

(Matthew 11:29)



Everyday, we all have to carry something.

As I watch my son get out of the car, I notice even he has to carry books and other supplies in his backpack. Kids even have to carry a concern about the school bully who has been picking on them. 

Most adults have to carry day-by-day problems, issues throughout the day, headaches from working in stressful conditions, people who are hard to work with and get along with and that husband who acts like he is the only who is tired at the end of the day.

The list could go on and on but the good news is we have someone who has said in His word that we can find rest.


Take my yoke upon you.”

The yoke is a harness put on oxen or other farm animals to enable them to pull some farm equipment. So not only is the yoke a load, but it will attach the laborer to another load. Taking the yoke not only involves a load but it also involves a commitment. Once the yoke is on you, the commitment begins.

You will have a hard time following Christ if you are unwilling to carry a load or if you are unwilling to be tied down to a task. Satan says this yoke is too heavy and burdensome. But if you are not under the yoke of the Savior you will be under the yoke of sin. And the load of sin is the most burdensome load of all.

Everyday we all encounter difficult tasks, but this verse says, “take my yoke.” In other words, God has declared that as long as you commit yourself in doing what He wants you to do, then God will always help you through any circumstance.

Often times when I have been on assignments that I know God has sent me own I may feel a little uneasy about the task, but I come to realize that God will not only equip you for the task but will get the place and the people ready to receive you before you get there.


And learn of me.”

One of the compensations for serving Christ it to learn spiritually.

Often times, I find people that are so stressed out, so burdened down in their problems, not financially prepared, no goals, don’t know what steps to take, the majority of the ones you find like this are not grounded in the word of God. The closer you stay to God’s word and follow what He says about how to love Him , how to treat your neighbor, how to manage your house, and avoid all the wicked things that are outlined in the Bible, I guarantee you will live a cleaner, safe and prosperous life. 


I am meek and lowly in heart.”

If we would serve Christ, we must be like Him and be meek and lowly in heart. This not only means humility but it also means submission to God. You cannot serve unless you can humbly take orders. Many do not serve because they are too proud to take orders. Others will not serve unless the position of service is one of prestige or is in the spotlight.


Ye shall find rest unto your souls.”

Christ is a good Master; He is no slave driver. Christ’s yoke, unlike the yoke of sin, does not leave out rest. But those under the yoke of sin cannot rest (Isaiah 57:20).

And note, this is rest for the soul, the best rest of all.  Its also the best place because you have a Master that cares, you have a master that will step in and help you carry your load. 

Whatever you are going through, just remember Jesus can pull you through it.  


Rev. Darrick Whitfield

Shady Grove M.B. Church, McCondy

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