Volunteer and make a difference

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNEROn Page One of this week’s Chickasaw Journal you will find photos and a story about the Color Run held at Joe Brigance Park on Saturday.

The community gathered to run and be dusted with colored powder and approximately $10 of their $40 entry fee was allocated one of eight local charities. A quick read of our story is a clear indication a good time was had by all.

And we want to point out this entire program was volunteer run.

This newspaper wants to take this opportunity to thank those who volunteered to make the Color Run successful. Sadly, it is too late to volunteer with for Color Run. But there are other programs in our community that need volunteers.

One of the key ingredients in any successful community are those willing to work together for a common good for no pay. They are called volunteers.

In a day and age when everyone seems to have their hand out and demanding more. It is good to see those who gladly step forward, get the job done and then quietly step back into their normal life, asking for nothing and expecting no recognition.

Volunteerism historically reflects the highest values of a democratic society, in that regardless of the situation, station, age, race, creed, all may volunteer and thus reap the rich rewards that come from giving aid to others.

American communities such as Houston, Houlka, Okolona and Woodland are made up of individuals and groups willing and eager to volunteer. These people and organizations have a knack for bringing people together in response to a critical need. They bring a higher quality of life to their town. They make us all proud to call these places home.

They also show us it is still possible for people – from all walks of life – to work together for the betterment of our community. They show us all how to get things done.

We think it is the social duty of all to volunteer at some level.

Maybe it is as simple as cookies for a school event. Maybe it is dedicating two hours each week to helping a local charity or civic organization. Maybe it is digging deep and offering a generous donation of time and money to your church or your favorite cause.

We applaud those who have the heart of a volunteer. Your work or your name may never be recognized in this paper, but your effort will never be forgotten by those you have helped.

Look around Chickasaw County. There is much that needs to be done around here.

Pick a project, and then raise your hand and volunteer.

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