THOMPSON: Paying at the pump

BUTTON-Letters-To-Editor_stockDear Editor,

I applaud your efforts in last week’s Chickasaw Journal and in the past to do something to help with the extravagant prices that the good folks in Houston must pay for gas.

It is an old story, one that Lisa Voyles tried to fight at one time before you arrived on the scene. The answers that she got were incomprehensible.

For the past three weeks, I have bought gas in Tupelo for .28- to .32-cents per gallon less than in Houston.

I refuse to buy gas here.

I can afford to pay the higher prices but I refuse to do it. Some of the folks here cannot afford to do it, but they must if they travel.

Sad situation indeed and it appears that whoever sets the price has no shame.

Keep on trying.


Jerry Thompson,

Houston, Miss. 

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