ALLEN: First day at new job

IMG_0936Hello! I’m Charlsi Allen, and I am the new intern at the Chickasaw Journal. I am looking forward to this new experience in my life and where it may take me.

I found out about this new job through my Career Pathway Experience teacher Mrs. Donna Griffin. They were looking for someone who could type and knew a little about computers. I felt I could do that.

I have lived in Houston my entire life and the small town atmosphere and knowing someone everywhere I go has to be my favorite things about this community.

I remember Easter Egg hunts on the courthouse square and I always enjoyed keeping score at Houston High School baseball games. I look forward to doing that again this spring.

Although I am writing this after only my first day here, I do think that I am going to enjoy working here.

As the Mississippi District President for the Anchor Club, I will probably write a lot about what I have learned through anchor and my experiences with it while keeping you up to date on our work throughout the community.

I am a senior at Houston High School and plan to attend Itawamba Community College and onto the University of Mississippi after I graduate to become a nurse anesthetist.


Charlsi Allen is an intern at the Chickasaw Journal.

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