FLOYD INGRAM: Let’s vote and move on


I lost an election one time. It was the fourth grade and Rocky McGarity and I were running for class president.

Of the 27 ballots cast 16 went to Rocky, well you do the math.

I remember making little red construction paper fish the night before the election that said “Floyd is fishing for your vote!” I got to school early that day and put one on each desk in my class.

Losing the actual election was not near as bad as watching some of my classmates trot to the garbage can and throw my hard work in the trash. I vividly remember cute little brown-haired Dee Denton as she looked at me and cast that fish in the can.

I’m a Trump man

I’m not ashamed to say I am voting for Trump.

And it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I’m middle-aged, white, male, I have a job and I am fed up with the way status quo politicians are conducting business, stealing my tax dollars and social engineering my world with ideas that don’t fit my morals and manners.

I will cast my ballot on Tuesday and move on.

There is not a doubt in my mind Trump will carry Mississippi. He may not carry Chickasaw County. I think there is a real chance for him to win this election.

But as I’ve said before, there are three things in this world I never predict.

First is a jury out on verdict, second is an election with just days to go, and the third is Sara when she gets mad: I have learned to sit still, keep my mouth shut and just ride it out.

I hope Democrats will forgive me for my choice. I hope our world somehow learns to let people make decisions, accept their choice as an American birthright and move on.

Other elections

We will also vote for a Congressman, Judges, School Board Trustees and Election Commissioners.

And I think the School Board Trustees and Election Commissioners may be the two most important choices off that list.

Republican incumbent Trent Kelly is a shoe-in for Congress. This area will vote for incumbent judges who will follow the law.

But those trustees and commissioners – those are elected offices that touch my life every day.

I don’t want anyone fooling with my children or my money – school board trustees do both.

I don’t want anyone messing up elections around here – picking the wrong election commissioners can do that.

We will report the results of our elections on our website chickasawjournal.com Tuesday night. The complete results will be in our next week’s edition.

I hope you take your vote seriously. I hope you encourage all in our community and town to cast a ballot. I hope and pray this thing is over on Nov. 9 and America moves on.

Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor of the Chickasaw Journal and neither Republican nor Democrat. He is Southern Baptist. He is tired of talking politics but will be glad to talk religion if you call him at 456-3771.

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  • Jean Ulmer Gaskin

    Chip, you and Rocky turned out to be wonderful men and I’m proud to call both of you my friends. I voted absentee for Trump! Praying God’s will be done!