FLOYD INGRAM: Spring, headlines, our Superbowl


Jonquils are blooming on Martin Drive in Houston.

I also went down to Morris Grocery in south America and watched a ground hog dig around in a cage looking for something to eat. I also watched a group of old men dig around in the dirt with the toe of their shoe and then go find something to eat.

We have covered the Old Folks Loafing Shed Annual Groundhog Day Festival and Conference just about every year I have been in Chickasaw County.

The folks in north America – that’s Houlka – have the Cornbread Festival. Houston has the Flywheel Festival twice a year and Homecoming on The Square in July. Okolona has the Magnolia Festival and Woodland has the Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas Lights.

It’s pretty obvious if you want to have fun around here you have to do it yourself.

Let’s talk

I hope you have been reading about school consolidation, city elections, the county’s plans to pave roads and the tourism tax.

All those stories have been at the top of Page One since the first of the year.

The school consolidation issue has taken a couple of sharp turns in Jackson as the-powers-that-be in both Chickasaw County and Jackson steered it the direction they wanted it to go.

I have said before I run hot and cold on consolidation. I do think it will save money, if we will use the business practices that are called economy of scale. I think it will be a good time to get rid of deadwood in many of our schools.

I have also said before you have to watch politics closely or something will jump the tracks. I learned early in my tenure in Chickasaw County that we don’t place a premium on education. This is our chance to make some things right. If industry and jobs are the engine that drive our economy, quality education is the throttle that can make us move faster.

• • •

You know that neighbor, church buddy or coffee drinking pal that’s got all the answers? They have until March 3 to get their paperwork in. Then, just like our president, if they want to change the world with their intellect and good looks, they need to get elected.

The good looks part usually gets most folk around here.

• • •

The county is making a list and checking it twice and will soon pave the roads of people who have been naughty and nice. Seriously, there have been major changes to the road paving project the county approved last year that will spend all our state road dollars for four years.

Get informed, call your supervisor and tell them your concerns. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

• • •

Houston’s tourism tax has the potential to change a lot of things around here. My father once said deep pockets solve lots of problems.

I do have concerns with spending almost a quarter of a million dollars in a blighted area of our community that is visible to only a very few. With that said, I want to urge the tourism committee to contact landowners at the Gateway to the Tanglefoot Trail and urge them to get with the program. I will also say if the grand plan is to start there and build toward Highway 8 – I’m for it.

Last but not least the Tourism Committee has only met three times and I am pleased they are doing what they said they would do with our money when we voted for the tax – twice.


How do you spell Super Bowl?

When it started 51 years ago it was spelled Superbowl. The trend now is Super Bowl.

Some may say you spell it Tom Brady. He’s been in seven and won five NFL Champion rings. He threw the Patriots down the field twice to clinch the most dramatic comeback I have ever seen.

After Dallas and Green Bay were bounced out I didn’t have a favorite. I saw a post from my favorite Vardaman coach after the game that simply said, “I am not a Tom Brady fan . . . but Winners never quit!”

One day I will tell my grandkids that as long as there is time on the clock the game is not over. I’ll point to Super Bowl 51.

I watch pro football because I love to watch excellence. Twenty-five records were set Sunday night! I could talk about toes in bounds, key blocks and touchdowns made by inches. It was a great game that will inspire teams not to quit for decades.

I hope people around here can somehow catch that spirit. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, excellence in all things, and my favorite Baptist saying “Once saved, always saved!” because, you see, I too believe I will win in the end.

Floyd Ingram is the Managing Editor of the Chickasaw Journal. He can be found working long hours at 225 E. Madison Street, or reached 24-7 at 542-7330. He never quits.

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