HHS and Community Choir to sing


By Floyd Ingram

Chickasaw Journal

HOUSTON – Voices young and old are being sought for a combined performance of the Houston High School Choir and Community Choir set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26.

The event is under the direction of HHS Choir Leader Melissa Moore and there are two rehearsals set for Thursday Feb. 16 and 23 at 6 p.m. at the Houston High School Auditorium.

“The Houston High School Choir is inviting singers from the community to sing in their concert on Feb. 28 and we would love for you to participate,” said Moore. “I hope you will consider being a part of this effort. With this small, short-time commitment, you will be making a lifetime investment in these students.”

Moore encouraged couples, families, church groups and lone voices in the community to come and be part of the choir.

The combined choir will sing three selections at its free concert.

The choir will sing “I Believe” by Mark Miller, “We Are Marching (In The Light Of God)” a traditional South African song and “He Never Failed Me Yet,” by Robert Ray.

Rehearsals will be one hour and the concert will also be one hour.

Moore said singers wanting to hear the tunes and the read the lyrics the choir will sing can go to the Houston High School website and search for the Fine Arts page.

She said anyone wanting details can call her at the Houston Middle School at 456-5174 or Email her at mmoore@houston.k12.ms.us.

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