Sweep of school turns up rifle, drugs

Police Cruiser lightsBy Floyd Ingram

Chickasaw Journal

HOUSTON – A sweep of the Houston High School and vehicles in its parking lot turned up a rifle, knife and a small amount of marijuana, prescription drugs and alcohol.

Drug dogs from the Oxford Police Department walked through the school and then sniffed vehicles in the parking lot. When dogs alerted officers of the suspected presence of drugs or gunpowder a further search was instigated.

“We did find a high-powered rifle and ammunition in a truck, prescription drugs and a small amount of marijuana,” said Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles. “Most of that was found in vehicles in the parking lot. We did find a knife and what they told us were prescription drugs on a couple of students.”

Voyles said the driver of the truck where the rifle was found was charged with possession of a firearm on school property. He said another driver was charged with possession of ammunition on school property.

“We also found marijuana and liquor in a couple of vehicles and those drivers were also charged,” said Voyles. “A search of a male turned up the knife and a search of a girl turned up what they said was prescription drugs.”

Voyles said the students involved were juveniles and he did not release names. He did say citations were issued and the cases will be turned over to youth court. He said school district trustees will be notified and handle school discipline or expulsion.

Prescription drug policy

Houston School District policy does not allow students to possess prescription drugs. Students taking prescription drugs are required to register them with the school nurse who holds them and administers them as required.

State law requires any student found on school property with illegal drugs or weapons to be expelled. Students found with unauthorized medicine, alcohol or ammunition can be suspended or expelled.

“I want people to know we didn’t target anybody and the whole idea is to make our schools safe,” said Voyles. “I would love to do these sweeps and not turn up anything.

“Parents and students need to realize we are not going to stop doing this,” said Voyles. “We hope these sweeps lets students and the community know guns and illegal drugs will not be tolerated on school property.”

Voyles said the Houston Police Department, Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department and school administrators assisted in the Oxford Police Department’s search.


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