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Houston superintendent’s contract not renewed

HOUSTON – The Houston School board voted unanimously not to renew the contract of long-time Houston School District Superintendent Dr. Steve Coker at a special called meeting Tuesday night. On a motion by Trustee Carol Byrne and a second by Trustee Marvin Beard the voted 5-0 with Board President Daniel Herringa, outgoing trustee Bart Munlin […]

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Mama’s Thanksgiving instructions

In another life, Mama was a school teacher. It’s reflected in everything she does, she just can’t help it. If you don’t believe it, look at how clear (and bossy) she gave instructions for our family Thanksgiving dinner: Dear Family, I’m not dead yet. Thanksgiving is still important to me. If being in my Last […]

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STEVE COKER: The Wisdom of Potatoes

Years ago I heard how Dad and his father would fill the back of the old pick-up truck with Irish potatoes for market. On the way to town, which was thirty miles away, they would take the longest, roughest road to get there. By the time they got to market, the potatoes had sorted themselves […]

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FLOYD INGRAM: Good morning Chickasaw County

I enjoy visiting with you like this. In this day and age of immediate electronic media and 24-hour news it’s still neat to sit down at a keyboard and talk with the people who read the Chickasaw Journal. I’ve always felt radio yaks, television blares and the internet will carry you many places you don’t […]

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Dr. STEVE COKER: Chicken in a sack

Years ago, before industrialization took over agriculture, especially chicken farming, many families had a flock of chickens on their farms. My PaPa was one of them. I remember that when he needed to introduce new chickens to the roost, we would do it at night. On several occasions at night, I remember helping him go […]

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Houston schools to borrow up to $1.5 million.

HOUSTON – The Houston School Board of Trustees has voted to borrow up to $1.5 million to purchase seven new buses to compliment its aging fleet of 26 vehicles. The motion to approve the note and sale of bonds was made by Trustee Marvin Beard with a second by Trustee Bart Munlin. Board President Daniel […]

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Proof of residency required

HOUSTON – State law requires parents to prove they live in a school district before they enroll a child in school. The Mississippi State Board of Education is reminding parents that falsely giving residency information is a misdemeanor and conviction can see the parent or guardian fined. Several cities in Mississippi have passed ordinances making […]

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Houston trustees hire architect

HOUSTON – A Hattiesburg architect has been hired by the Houston School Board of Trustees to assist the district with issues to fix the leaking roof at the Houston School of Science and Technology. Trustees hired the firm of Landry & Lewis P.A. To work with the district to assess the current roof, determine what […]

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Houston recognizes 2014 scholars

HOUSTON – The ACT (American College Testing) is an exam that measures a students readiness to take college classes and is considered a fair measure of a person’s knowledge of English, math, social studies and science. Thirty-three is considered a perfect score. The Houston High School Class of 2014 had one student score a 33 […]

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Toppers move tassel

HOUSTON – As the tassel was moved so was a lifetime memory for 99 Houston High School graduates. Formal graduation ceremonies were brought to a close at Hilltopper Field Thursday, May 22 as graduates of the Class of 2104 moved the tassel on their caps across their face to signify they were now high school […]

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Houston to give raises, buy buses

HOUSTON – The district’s non-certified employees and administrators will get raises and the Houston School District will buy buses following a vote by trustees Monday night. The raises will come from the district’s fund balance and total $61,412. Buses are estimated to cost about $75,000 each, with the district seeking up to seven, and they […]

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STEVE COKER: Sap’s arising!

One of my very favorite trees in this area is the “River Birch.” It is cherished because of the beautiful flakey white bark that it exhibits year ’round and because its leaf foliage is of such a nature that grass will grow under it. The other day as I tipped several limbs that were too […]

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Houston trustees hire Jackson attorneys for roof lawsuit

HOUSTON – A Jackson law firm has been hired by the Houston School District Board of Trustees to provide legal services in an effort to get the roof fixed at the Houston School of Science and Technology. School board trustees met March 6, and after a 40-minute executive session with NewPath consultant Warren Bowen, voted […]

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STEVE COKER: Sounds of silence

I always loved the Bible story in Genesis when God confronts Adam in the garden concerning his absence and hiding from Him. It seems that afternoon Adam and Eve failed to show up at their regular “coffee break” and fellowship. God asked Adam, “Where are you?” Adam obediently replied, “I heard the sound of Thee […]

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